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specialising in
animal feed

About Group Depré

Group Depre is a family combination of firms specialised in the production of top-grade animal feed, for both working and sports animals as well as domestic pets. Generating a total turnover of 450 million euro and employing a workforce of 400 employees spread over 8 production plants in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, Group Depre belongs to the top in Western Europe.
Group Depre has developed and specialises itself in four principal activities to play a roll in the feed production chain.
On the one hand, Group Depre is actively engaged in the market of industrial compound feed used in intensive livestock breeding and furthermore, it is active in the production of petfood for birds and rodents on one side and on the other side in petfood for dogs and cats. Finally, Group Depre has established an important activity in the trading , storage and wholesale of vegetable raw materials destinated for the animal and human nutrition food sector.