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Knowledge of
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Commercial department
Holland Diervoeders sources its ingredients in close collaboration with the commercial department LenersanPoortman.

LenersanPoortman has a long history in the agricultural industry. Founded in 1803 as Lenersan & Co's Exporthandel N.V., it already traded in cereals, seeds, vegetables and products for human consumption. Its later partner, Poortman, was established in 1868. Lenersan and Poortman were merged in 1969.

LenersanPoortman is a stockholding importer/distributor/wholesaler. It carries a wide range of more than 200 products. The Feed Desk supplies seeds and cereals for feed for birds, pigeons and rodents. The Food Desk supplies products for human consumption, such as buckwheat, bakery seeds, beans, lentils, pulses, nuts, dried vegetables, herbs and spices.

Knowledge of products and markets
The team of traders at LenersanPoortman has years of experience in the field of purchasing at source, trading in these products and identifying trends in the ingredients markets.

Quality, flexibility and delivery reliability
LenersanPoortman purchases its ingredients worldwide from approved (strategic) suppliers. LenersanPoortman is certified according to HACCP, GMP (B1/B8) and SKAL. Maintaining stocks means supply certainty and delivery reliability for the client.

For detailed information, visit the website www.lenersanpoortman.com or contact:

Vogelaarsweg 23
3313 LL Dordrecht
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@hollanddiervoeders.nl
Telephone +31 78 622 0 622
Fax +31 78 622 0 604