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service, not just
before, but also
after the sale


Brand and marketing services Our dedicated team offers a variety of customised services: from designing product ranges as well as advising on and conceiving packaging material for private labels through to providing comprehensive category management, shelf arrangement, merchandising and, of course, brand management.

We have our own established brands and we have also contributed to the creation of countless other brands in Europe. Our expertise, combined with our infrastructure, allows us to understand your needs better so that we can offer you truly customised solutions that will grow your company.

Sales staff
In the Netherlands, we have 15 experienced sales and marketing employees who help other brands to penetrate and expand the local market or the Western European market.

Our distribution covers virtually every channel used to sell animal feed: pet shops, breeders, garden centres and DIY stores, etc. Brands are also distributed in 40 countries worldwide.

What Holland Diervoeders can do for you:

  • Brand or product management: We can assist you with establishing a solid foundation for your brand and your products in our preferred markets and with corresponding promotion and support
  • Sales management: Our regional account managers will help you establish and develop the numeric distribution of your products and provide you with sales and turnover support
  • Commercial marketing and category management: We will collate and analyse knowledge of the market and of your sales. Our commercial marketing activities also include space management. We can assist you with the development of impressive shelf arrangements and with obtaining maximum return from your product range, tailored to your markets and distribution channels
  • Key account management and trade relations management
  • Field marketing and other POP services: From choosing the right support to integrating this into your global strategy and adjusting this strategy to local markets
  • In-house sales and marketing training: Our sales team will gain greater knowledge of your products so it can sell them in the same way as you would
  • Retail management

We offer service, not just before, but also after the sale
We offer a wide range of after-sales services and support; we apply the very highest standard of quality, solve problems quickly and are able to create a superior image. Our well-trained teams supply customer service, on-site training and knowledge transfer. This offers added value for both suppliers and clients.

For more information, please contact:

Holland Diervoeders BV
Vogelaarsweg 23
3313 LL Dordrecht
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@hollanddiervoeders.nl
Telephone +31 78 622 0 622
Fax +31 78 622 0 604